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Happy Holidays!!!
A Word from our Executive Director...
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Child Abuse Prevention Month is April
 If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us. We would like to hear from you. 

Do you or your organization need somebody to present topics on
domestic violence, rape, or other issues? U Care, Inc. is also
dedicated to its mission of educating the community as well. Our staff
and members of our board are glad to present topics at your next function.

We have taken our educational materials to schools, local
colleges, businesses, fire departments, law enforcement agencies,
government agencies, libraries, newspapers, television media, health
departments, hospitals, flea markets; issued fliers, and used every
opportunity we have to educate the public on the various issues of domestic violence.

Board members have been invited to speak at Continuing Medical
Education Meetings, and even the North Carolina Governor's Crime
Commission. Our staff has even met with Military leaders at Fort
Bragg to spread our knowledge on fighting family violence at all levels
in the military.

Our newest avenue of outreach is this web site! We want
everyone to know that violence of any type should not be tolerated
and that there are consequences to be paid for such acts. Let us
speak at your next church, social, civic organization, men's or
women's club, or educational function.

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