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Happy Holidays!!!
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Director’s Report

July 28, 2015



Our fiscal year has come to an end effective June 30th. Everyone has been busy compiling statistics for the various end-of-year reports we submit to the state. Carlar has closed out the financial reports


Grants Update:

No news yet on the state passing the budget. All grants have been closed out on our end just waiting for the new contracts, which are waiting for the state budget to be passed.


Program Update

We discussed last year that we needed to do something different this year if the grant funds were running late. On June 24, 2015. I contacted Employment Security Commission Customer Service in Raleigh for guidance. The gentleman suggested either laying off staff until the funding resumed or asking the staff if they would rather continue to work and get paid when the funds came in. He added that if they agreed to do the latter that we would need to draw up a letter indicating such. 

I then consulted with Valarie Denning, CPA regarding the employment tax regulations. She suggested that the better option for the organization would be to lay off some of the full time day staff except myself and Sunny as I had to stay on and run the business and I needed to keep the evening, weekend & court advocate positions on staff. I presented my findings to shelter staff and Priscilla, Becky, and Eva agreed the layoff would be the best option for them. They are allowed to earn around $70.00 a week and continue to collect their full time benefit from unemployment. However, to date the only one who has come in to work has been Eva.


We have been inundated with clients this month as well as end of the year reports. Volunteers have come in and helped us fill in the gaps in the absence of the staff. We still need help though as many of our volunteers will be returning to school in the next few weeks. We need all kinds of help from answering the phones, greeting and helping walk-in clients, transporting clients to appointments, assist Sunny with court accompaniment, childcare, and grocery shopping for the shelter, or updating our face book page!


Illuminate Youth came by this month and gave our grounds a thorough landscaping. Abigail Warner (my niece) and her friend Naomi Miller touched up the lines in the parking lot. I also had two guys come by and clean our gutters out at the shelter. Other volunteers have purged client files for the year, entered all inkind donations into the database and have been great transporting clients to their appointments. There are always things that need to be done around here and at the stores, so anyone looking for a community project or who just wants to volunteer please stop by and we’ll put you to work!


In all our trials and tribulations I want to remind everyone how truly blessed we have been over the past 20 years. Very few nonprofits are blessed with the types of folks one finds at U Care. Time and again I am asked how U Care gets such good board members, volunteers and staff.  All I can say is that we are blessed. We have been given a prime opportunity to serve our community through the services we provide at U Care.  I look forward to our work in the upcoming season and I thank everyone in advance for all your support.


Pamela Gonzalez

Executive Director

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