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Happy Holidays!!!
A Word from our Executive Director...
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Child Abuse Prevention Month is April
 U Care, Inc. is proud to be a member and associated with the Clinton Sampson Chamber of Commerce. 

U Care, Inc. relies on government grants and "matched funds" of financial donations from concerned citizens to remain operational. Unfortunately, government grants, by themselves, do not cover the entire operational expenses for the shelter and all of the programs we provide. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP. All financial and material donations are greatly appreciated and are used directly to assisting our clients. The financial donations assist our clients who stay in the shelter with food, medical assistance, transportation and sometimes unexpected expenses. Many times our clients have to leave a situation so quickly that they cannot go back to their homes to retrieve their personal belongings.  Rather than stay in a violent situation, the choice they have to make is between material possessions and their lives. Once the clients are ready to move on, they need the eventual material essentials to set up a new house like furniture bedding, appliances, household goods, linens, clothing, food, dishes, etc. Your donations are used to DIRECTLY assist our clients in their endeavor to start a new life.

   DONATIONS.  With most any type of donation, your donation is tax deductible.  With all donations you will receive an "in-kind" receipt that you can apply to your income tax statement for deduction.

 Please send your financial donations to:

U Care, Inc.
P.O. Box 761
Clinton, N.C. 28329

             For credit card donations, you can use our paypal link and DONATE NOW button. 
If you currently do not use paypal, you can become a member through this link!!!!!


We welcome volunteers to our shelter and Bee Hive Thrift Stores.  We have many opportunities in which you can participate so that you too can feel the spiritual and emotionally uplifting benefits of helping those in great need.  Click here for Volunteer Application. Please fill the application in its entirety and return to the office.

As a volunteer you can:
  1. Spend time working in our thrift store, The Bee Hive.
  2. Help maintain and repair the shelter by making necessary repairs and building upgrades, or just by vacuuming and cleaning the shelter and its grounds.
  3. Be a sitter for the children of our clients as they accomplish their goals during their stay, such as finding suitable housing and employment or going to court.
  4. Assist in the daily operations of the office, helping to answer the 24-hour Crisis Line, as well as, other office duties:typing, filing, etc.  With an understanding that our agency has a Confidentiality Policy followed by all staff, board members and volunteers. 

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