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Happy Holidays!!!
A Word from our Executive Director...
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SCSART Mission Statement 

The Sexual Assault Response Team mission is to prevent sexual assaults in Sampson County by increasing awareness, educating the community and protecting the rights and dignity of victims.  We will further promote the compassionate and just treatment of survivors, their friends, and significant others, foster collaborative relationships between community systems, and affect attitudinal and behavioral changes as we work toward the elimination of sexual violence against all people.

If you are in immediate danger PLEASE call:


For more information or just someone to 

talk to about your concerns call:

National Sexual Assault Hotline 

1-800-565-HOPE (4673)

Sampson Regional Medical Center


Clinton Police Department


Sampson County's Sheriff's Department


U Care, Inc.


What Can You Do?
  • Be a mindful consumer of media.  Promote discussion among peers about how consumption of media can influence ideas about gender roles, dynamics of interpersonal relationships, consent, sexual behavior, and characteristics of people of various social identities.
  • Interrupt any friend or acquaintance who you see violating, verbally or physically, someone's space.
  • Support survivor's of sexual assault by never putting the blame on the person(s) who were assaulted.  Never voice, believe, or support the idea that a victim "wanted it".  No one owes their date or partner sex, under any circumstances.


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